Company point of view

Iranian Zinc Industrial Expansion Company, was registered in Zanjan Companies Registration Office and industrial property in 2005 and launched in 2007 in order to produce 2000 tons Plates. This company was able to produce 6000 tons of zinc ingot annual output and improve its operating license within 6 years and obtain a license. Zinc ingot is being produced based on internal standards and in grades of Zn * 2, Zn 3 *, SHG, with higher purity of 99.98% and zinc hydroxide is produced with the aim of preventing environmental pollution and waste of national wealth.

CEO Message

We are not the best,but we want to be.

Shareholders, board members and dear colleagues,I'm grateful for having a pleasure of working in Iranian Zinc Industrial Expansion Company, and I hope with the ability of honest employees of the company, we serve all of our stakeholders in a best way. Creating a dynamic and calm environment for coworkers, using all available resources to advance company's goals, legalism and strengthen control and monitoring systems, applying a comprehensive scientific approach, targeted marketing and based on proper interaction with customers, transparency of financial statements and company information, selecting partners based on meritocracy, training the staff and reducing the costs is the most important working programs of the company.

Iranian Zinc Industrial Expansion Company
The largest producer of zinc ingot in private sector in Iran


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